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Key Member Contact Details  
Phil Brotherwood: Phil is the Chairman, website editor and keen astrophotographer. He is interested in all areas of astronomy and is willing to get involved with all club activities. Current, ongoing, challenges include attempting to photograph all the Messier 100 and Lunar 100 objects.

phil brotherwood

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Mark Godwin: Mark is relatively new to the club but his enthusiasm to learn, help out and then organise has led to his election onto the steering committee. He is keen to attend club events and to help run outreach events in his local area. Mark Godwin

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Frank Johns: Frank is a dedicated CCD Astrophotographer using webcams,  DSLR's and  CCD astronomical cameras. He is also continually looking develop his knowledge of all aspects of astronomy, having recently started looking at spectroscopy and meteor detection.

frank johns

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Stewart Poyner:  I am interested in all aspects of astronomy but especially on size differences, from quarks to the super massive stars, and the vast distances that make up the cosmos. Oh and I count money.

Stewart Poyner


Glynn Bennallick: Glynn is the club publicity officer, drawing on his many years of design work to enhance and promote the club's image. He is also a keen photographer, specialising in the more artistic elements of night sky photography, largely without the aid of a telescope. glynn bennallick
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Family Membership £40.00
Single visit to any Club Meeting for Non Members £3.00


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Club Constitution

On the 21, October 2005, the Club formalised its own Constitution and Rules.