Thursday January 9th - Practical night at Trevarrian:  Astrophotography, image capture

Thursday January 16th - A talk by Clint O'Connor - “We Are All Made of Stardust”

Thursday February 6th - Practical night at Trevarrian:  Astrophotography, image processing

Thursday February 20th - Group discussion

Thursday March 5th - Practical night at Trevarrian:  Image Processing

Thursday March 19th - A talk by Gareth Cottrell: "The Pleiades"

Thursday April 16th - A talk by Frank

Thursday May 21st - A talk by Glynn

Thursday June 18th - A talk by an external speaker

 Thursday July 18th - Group discussion

Thursday August 20th - Quiz Night followed by party food  

Thursday September 17th - A talk by Adrian

Thursday October 3rd - Practical talk about FOV - Frank

Thursday October 15th – Talk by Nick on Robert Burnham Jnr.

Thursday November 7th - Practical night at Trevarrian

Thursday November 19th - Sheona Urquhart : A brief history of everything