About Us

About Kernow Astronomers

We meet twice every month through the winter months and once a month through the summer. The 3rd Thursday meeting tends to cover the more cerebral aspects of Astronomy, although not exclusively so. The 1st Thursday meetings, which run from October to March inclusive, are practical, and members are encouraged to bring their own scopes or binoculars to this meeting as we will be out observing if conditions allow. The practical meetings take place at Trevarrian Holiday Park.

Summercourt New Memorial Hall provides us with comfortable surroundings and the appropriate equipment required for speaker presentations, etc., together with the very necessary facilities for refreshments.

To the rear of the property is an easily reached hard-standing with good horizon in most directions and the absence of street lights make it an excellent dark site for observing.

Why join an astronomy club?

• To learn about amateur astronomy and observing techniques. The best way to learn how to observe the heavens is to do it yourself, and the club provides both the training and opportunity.

• To meet and interact with people from all walks of life who all enjoy the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Regular meetings and observing sessions, provide an excellent way to socialise, meet new people and exchange ideas.

• A ‘hands on, get out and view’ group, such as Kernow Astronomers, encourages members to attend group observing and workshop sessions. 

• Beginners to astronomy will find it easier to learn from others than to struggle alone.

In addition to stellar and solar observing, a number of our members are involved in the more technical aspects of astronomy. Such activities include astrophotography, spectroscopy and variable star measurement.

Our History

Our club started out in 1998 as the ‘Roseland Observatory’ in preparation for viewing the Cornish eclipse. Shortly after the eclipse, the membership split, some went on to form the ‘Space Centre at Callington Community College’ while the others relocated the ‘Roseland Observatory’ to Court Farm, nr St Stephen.

By the end of 2004 the membership had outgrown the facilities at Court Farm, so in January of 2005, the club moved to Brannel School, just up the road, and changed its name to ‘Brannel Astronomy’.

In 2011 Brannel School was replaced by a new building and meeting conditions became problematic. The club was then offered improved meeting facilities at St Columb Major Academy and so from early 2012 all activities were transferred to St Columb and this prompted the name change to Kernow Astronomers.

Following the pandemic in 2020, access to school facilities became more problematic so a new venue was sought. In 2022 the New Memorial Hall in Summercourt was chosen as our new ongoing location for monthly meetings.

Our location offers us the chance to play our part within the local community, by helping to establish an increased awareness of the wonders of Astronomy with the students of the schools in the local area as well as seasonal visitors. In addition, star parties are regularly held, both at local schools as well as various national trust properties throughout Cornwall.