About Us

We are a friendly, relaxed group of people sharing a common interest in all things astronomical. Our membership ranges from complete beginners to those experienced in observing and the more technical aspects such as astrophotography.

We meet at Summercourt New Memorial Hall, Cornwall on the third Thursdays of the month throughout the year. From October to March we also hold practical meetings on the first Thursday of each month at Trevarrian Holiday Park. All meetings start at 7:30pm.

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Next Event

April 18th: Summercourt

The Club AGM: Your chance to shape the future of  how the club is run and what activities and talks we provide going through 2024 and into early 2025.

Image Credit: Patrick Gruban

Sun & Stars: 20, April – Carnewas

Image Processing Technique

Image by Dean Ashton

There are many examples where we image an object that is predominantly a full continuum
spectrum object, a galaxy or a reflection nebula for example, but it also contains emission
line nebulae components. Capturing both a full spectrum RGB image and narrowband
emission image which are then combined may reveal more information about the object
and create a more interesting and complete image.

Collision Course – Brace for Impact!

You will probably have heard of the Hubble Space Telescope. It has orbited our planet 333 miles up since 1990 and has spectacularly opened up our view of the Universe with many beautiful images and discoveries. It was named after the American astronomer Edwin Hubble……….