About Us

We are a friendly, relaxed group of people sharing a common interest in all things astronomical. Our membership ranges from complete beginners to those experienced in observing and the more technical aspects such as astrophotography.

We meet at Summercourt New Memorial Hall, Cornwall on the third Thursdays of the month throughout the year. From October to March we also hold practical meetings on the first Thursday of each month at Trevarrian Holiday Park. All meetings start at 7:30pm.

Next Event

March 7th: Trevarrian

This evening will be a Solar Observing hands on practical for using and making equipment to prepare for  what will hopefully be an increased Solar activity during 2024 and beyond. Also, our resident Solar imaging wizzo, Nigel will show how he processes his wonderful Hα solar images.

Meet 19:00 for a 19:30 kick off.

What’s Up – February 2024

A comprehensive guide to what’s up this month. Courtesy of Telescope House

Pixinsight Workshop 17, Feb

Cornish John finds Ice Giant 2

Through his telescope In March 1781, the astronomer William Herschel noticed an object appearing as a disk and not a star and found it to be a new planet beyond the orbit of Saturn. He had discovered the Ice Giant planet Uranus which became the outermost of the seven known planets in our solar system.