Benefits of Membership

  • Regular access to our monthly meetings as well as our winter practical meetings.
  • Access to our messaging groups on Telegram. These allow all members to share in their own astronomical experiences, discuss ideas and ask questions of the membership.
  • Access to any interest specific workshops whether they be aimed at the beginner or the more experienced that are held throughout the year.
  • Access to group social events held throughout the year.

We have two levels of membership.


Membership is paid annually and we normally collect these at the AGM which is currently held in April of each year.

New memberships starting outside of our normal membership year, will pay a pro rata amount shown in the table below, to take your membership to the next AGM in April the following year that you join.

Single membership£30£27£25£22£20£17£15£12£10£7£5£0£30
Family Membership£40£36£33£30£26£23£20£17£13£10£7£0£40