Club Constitution

Kernow Astronomers Constitution & Rules

1. The club shall be called Kernow Astronomers.

2. The aims and objects of the club are to: 

  • Promote excellence in all aspects of the science of astronomy 
  • Provide a forum for members and the general public for the dissemination of relevant technology and practices 
  • Provide dark-site and other relevant facilities for the members to undertake practical celestial observation 
  • Promote the science of astronomy to the local community and to provide educational facilities as appropriate 
  • Stage public events, lectures and seminars at appropriate times to promote astronomy to the public  in general and the club in particular
  • Liaise with other astronomical and scientific organisations on a Local, National and International basis

3. There shall be an Annual General Meeting held in the period October to March of each year which shall be open to all current members of the Club. The minimum quorum at the Annual General Meeting shall be six members. Each paid-up member carries one vote at AGM meetings. Associate membership may be granted to other societies, but they will not have voting rights.

4. The Steering Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club. This Committee shall comprise a minimum of six members and the members of this committee shall undertake the duties of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee shall stand down at the AGM and may be re-elected by majority vote. Members who are unavoidably absent at the time of the AGM who wish to be elected or re-elected, to the Committee may be put forward for election or re-election if he or she makes their wishes known to the outgoing Chairman who will put their name forward. Any member may stand for a post on the Committee by informing one of the outgoing Committee members who will inform the Chairman before the AGM so that they can be included in the vote. A quorum for the Steering Committee meeting shall be four.

5. The Club can have a schedule of Rules/Bye Laws in addition to this constitution, always providing that these do not conflict with the terms of the constitution. Such rules/bye laws can be established by the Steering Committee. Any changes to the Constitution shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting and must be agreed by two-thirds of the membership of the club. Four weeks notice of the proposed changes prior to holding the Annual Meeting must be given.

6. In addition to the Steering Committee the Club may, from time to time, appoint sub-committees, to cover specific activities/purposes. The membership and duration of such sub-committees is to be agreed at the time of formation.

7. The treasurer shall present a record of the accounts of the Society at the AGM. A person agreed by the committee will audit these accounts. These accounts shall indicate principal sources of income together with categorized expenditure.

8. There shall be a club membership fee fixed annually at the Annual General Meeting and be payable within one month of the AGM. Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

9. The Club shall maintain a bank account for the purposes of handling the finances of the Club. Any two from a list, approved by the Committee, of signatories must sign cheques drawn against this bank account.

10. Any expenses reasonably incurred by any member on behalf of the club will be reimbursed promptly providing the committee had previously sanctioned such expenditure.

11. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and for ensuring their guests comply with the club regulations and any rules that may be enforced from time to time.

12. Visitors to club meetings shall be encouraged and such visitors will be entitled to attend one meeting free of charge. However to attend further meetings these persons must become members of the Club.

13. The Steering Committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member in the event of that member’s conduct being detrimental to the clubs name or its well-being. On receipt of a deposition being signed by two or more members the Steering Committee shall ask that member to explain their actions. If the explanation is considered unsatisfactory, the committee is empowered to terminate the membership forthwith.

14. In the event of the club being wound up, any assets of the club shall be valued and disposed of in the following order: 

  1. Repayment of outstanding loans made to the club by any of the members 
  2. Repayment of any monies due to be returned to granting bodies 
  3. Residue after 1. and 2. to be distributed evenly amongst the members who are paid-up at that time.